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Welcome to R time and Better Behaved in the UK

R time has resources that promote good relationships and positive behaviour

Better Behaved

Better Behaved

Better Behaved is a whole school behaviour programme that will enable you to create a school community where children can thrive and learn in a consistently safe and nurturing environment.

This behaviour programme adopts a very effective and consistent, “how to” approach in supporting children on their behaviour journey. Better Behaved is not just about ‘what’ the outcomes are, but ‘how’ to achieve them.

"We pride ourselves in being a ‘Better Behaved’ school. This morning when I asked the pupils in assembly to tell me how we achieved ‘Outstanding’ for behaviour- they told me it is because we:

Show respect and good manners at all times.
Follow instructions with thought and care.
Care for everyone and everything.

This is exactly what they told Ofsted."

Shazia Akram. Headteacher, Edward Pauling 2015.

R time

Rtime manual

R time is a structured relationship programme for children from Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Primary School

What are the outcomes? Respect, courtesy, good behaviour, reduction of bullying and acceleration of learning – Plus the children love it!

Child quote: "Thanks to R time I now have friends I don't even like!"

“We teach values but we didn’t teach how to put values into action.”(as R time does.)

Annette Wolk – Akiba Jewish Academy, Dallas, U.S.A.