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Welcome to R time in the UK

A Dynamic programme that will change your school for the better

R time

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R time is a structured programme that builds and enhances relationships for children from Early Years to the end of Primary School.

R time is fun and children love it!

Each R time session lasts 10 - 15 minutes and takes place once a week

What are the outcomes?

  • It builds respectful relationships and good manners.
  • It enables children to develop lifelong social skills.
  • It reduces bullying.
  • It improves behaviour.
  • There are 30 carefully planned sessions for each year group
  • There is no educational challenge in any of the activities. They are purely designed to foster and develop pupil relationships
  • Children learn to understand and value differences and things in common; and respect the rights of others to have beliefs and values which are different from their own.

Child quote: "I love R time because I get to work with children I have never spoken to before. I love that. You learn to trust each other and sometimes become new friends."
Hallbrook School — Leicestershire

Teacher quote: "R time has made a very positive difference to my class. The difference in cooperation is amazing. My class is calmer, very respectful to each other and far better at resolving disagreements. Children Love it and so do I! R time is a lesson for life."
Parkview Primary School — Derby.

Headteacher quote: “I wish we had had Pete's R time training at the start of the year
Beeston Primary School - Glossop

"R time should be in every school."
Wycliffe Primary School - Lutterworth.

"Pete, I want to say a big "thank you" for your R time input last September. We have all been implementing it since then and have seen amazing progress as was confirmed in our recent Ofsted report which acknowledged that that this improvement area played a positive part in our overall outcome.....which was Outstanding.! Thank you again for your part in that."
Gayle Sheils. Aldecar Infant School - Derbyshire.

"The imaginative planning of R time personal and social education lessons is very effective in developing pupils' spiritual, social and cultural skills and understanding. They show a high level of empathy and sensitivity to one another during these sessions. Consequently pupil self-esteem is high as they have effective and respectful relationships with their classmates and adults."
Quote from Ofsted report on Townlands Primary School.