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Making the Most of R time

Making the Most of R time

This is a very valuable training resource to assist with the implementation of R time.

Since 2002, when R time started, many teachers and other school based staff have been trained to deliver the R time programme – at training conferences, in staff meetings in schools, via demonstration sessions in classrooms etc. Over that time our trainers have built up detailed knowledge of the important “nuggets” that need to be communicated to the trainees to enable R time to maximise its potential. The essential ingredients have been refined and Making the Most of R time has emerged. It is a short, very readable booklet which seeks to answer many of the frequently asked questions – as well as underline the key things that will make R time as successful as possible for all participants.

The booklet is very modestly priced to enable the good practice outlined in the publication to reach as many people as possible. We are also offering a bulk purchase price for trainers who may want to use copies as a training resource.

For details of prices and to order your copy click here.