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R time Accreditation

R time is proud to present schools with the opportunity to celebrate their commitment to the principles of R time, to acknowledge the hard work of staff involved and finally to celebrate the many ways in which R time continues to enrich the 'way of life' of the whole school.

The process is simple, paper free and is available to any schools that feel that R time plays a real and effective part in the life of their school.

The Accreditation process will highlight the whole school’s dedication and commitment to the social and emotional well-being of children.

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What R time will be looking for

  • That the head teacher/ principal and management team are committed to the programme.
  • That the school has a holistic approach to R time. It is featured occasionally in assemblies and the philosophy is incorporated throughout the school day, including in other areas of the curriculum and at lunch times.
  • That R time is timetabled as a weekly session.
  • That R time is well resourced.
  • That all staff have been trained in the use of R time.
  • That the school has an R time "lead teacher" to encourage and ensure consistency and to monitor quality.
  • That one of the school governors will be invited to have an ' R time brief' to observe R time sessions and make occasional reports to the governing body.
  • That the parents are informed that the programme is used in school and of the philosophy, principles and outcomes (a pro-forma letter is available).
  • That classroom and corridor displays are occasionally used to celebrate R time.
  • That the school is 'open' to visits from other schools interested in R time.

The Accreditation Process

An R time consultant will visit the school to do the following:

  • Visit a cross section of classes from different year groups (maximum 6), chosen by the school,
  • Teachers (from the above classes) will be observed presenting an R time session. The observer will feed back to the teachers during the visit.
  • The accrediting consultant will be able to observe the " R time effect" in the school. This will be through the general atmosphere, the use of respect and good manners, as well as from any displays which celebrate the use of R time in the school.
  • The R time consultant would like the opportunity to talk to a group of 6 children about R time and how they feel it has affected their school lives.
  • The R time consultant would complete the visit by meeting with members of SMT; and with the designated governor if possible. This will be for feedback on the outcomes of the day’s visit.

In recognition and by way of celebrating the school’s accreditation, R time Ltd will:

  • Present an assembly to the whole school. The purpose will be to celebrate the part that good relationships play in the lives of children in terms of good and broader friendships, good manners, mutual respect, anti-bullying and the raising of self - esteem.
  • R time will present the school with a certificate for display in the school, together with an engraved crystal trophy.
  • An R time consultant will be available (free of charge) for one day during the first year of accreditation. This can be used in any way the school wishes.
  • With the school’s permission their achievement will be celebrated on the R time web site.
  • Accredited schools will be able to use the R time logo on their stationery.


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