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R time Accreditation

Hopefully you are already finding the benefits of having R time in place in your school:

  • Good manners, respect and care are in evidence throughout the school
  • Improved behaviour
  • Reduction in bullying
  • Improved teaching and learning

Now you could go to the next stage and become accredited for the excellence of your R time practice. To become an accredited R time school the following 10 keys need to be in place, with supporting evidence for each.

  • Key 1: R time is being taught in each class in its purest form, as the author intended, i.e. as a six step process, taught within a 15 minute time-frame once every school week.
  • Key 2: Head Teacher and leadership team effectively promote the R time programme – in word and deed.
  • Key 3: R time involves the whole school and is taken seriously as an important part of school life.
  • Key 4: R time is appropriately resourced.
  • Key 5: Staff are fully trained to implement and support the programme.
  • Key 6: A lead teacher(s) or HTLA/Learning Mentor is in place to champion R time in the school and ensure good practice in the classrooms through observations and demonstration sessions.
  • Key 7: Evidence of positive feedback from the children about the benefits of the programme.
  • Key 8: Governors have a working knowledge of R time and are fully supportive of its implementation in the school.
  • Key 9: Parents are informed about the programme.
  • Key 10: R time has been operating well in the school for a least one school year.

Why should we become an accredited school?

  • The school can use the R time logo on all their correspondence.
  • The school will receive an appropriate Award and be acknowledged on the R time website page as an Accredited R time school.

To find out more download the document “Becoming an accredited R time school” from the Downloads Page (click here).

R time Trainers and Consultants will be delighted to hear from schools wishing to take this step. Click here to find your nearest Accredited Trainer who can help you with your application. 


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