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Better Behaved

Better Behaved

A dynamic approach to handling behaviour in the Primary School by the author of R time.

The Better Behaved principles go hand-in hand with R time and underpin every R time session.

Meet the author

Greg Sampson has been a teacher since 1969 and he loves working with children and teachers. For most of his teaching career he worked in primary schools serving challenging areas in Coventry.

He says, “My philosophy of education has remained the same since I began working with children, ‘I will respect every child in my care and do my very best to earn their respect.’”

Greg has written numerous books and he was the originator and author of the very successful R time programme, used in schools throughout this country as well as America. Better Behaved is a response to requests from many of the teachers who have attended Greg’s behaviour-training seminars and conferences; and because he is very concerned that teachers are being sent into schools with little, or no training about handling behaviour.

About Better Behaved

By supporting teachers to improve discipline we are making a huge difference to children, in ensuring a school environment that is safe as well as conducive to learning. The Swiss philosopher Haim Ginott concluded that teachers set and control the climate of the classroom. But many children have the power not only to set that climate but make it a hot house of turmoil.

Better Behaved will make you think and challenge some of your ideas on behaviour management and encourage you to breathe new life into the classroom, the playground and school.

The book stresses the need for:

  • A limited number of rules - Three
  • A set of rewards that can be achieved, valued and deserved by children.
  • And a hierarchy of repercussions that is manageable and will help to correct poor behaviour choices.

Better Behaved stresses the importance of clear leadership and the need for discipline to take on the mantle of a curriculum area - with all the implications that implies.

It has clear guidelines for lunch and break times.

If you want a school where children behave like this:

    Settle well

       Listen well

           Move to task well

                Work and learn well individually and together

                     Share and take turns

                         Concentrate on the task in hand

                             Persevere and complete tasks

                                Take pride in behaving well

                                    Use good manners

                                      Care for the school environment

                                         Show respect

                                           Deal well with adversity

                                             Make right choices

Better Behaved shows you how.

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