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R time for S.E.A.L.

R time for S.E.A.L.

Written jointly by Pete Harvey and Greg Sampson.

Although the government educational initiative Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning is long past, this book remains an excellent resource.
There are over 200 pages of planned lessons designed around the SEAL themes which remain a vital part of PHSE.
SEAL uses paired work to explore this important element of well-being education.

  • New Beginnings
  • Getting On and Falling Out
  • Saying No to Bullying
  • Going for Goals
  • Good to be Me
  • Relationships
  • Changes

Each year group from Nursery to Year 6 has 21 lesson plans (three for each of the seven themes) together with 21 extension activities, enabling the class to explore each of the seven themes in more detail.

Each of the activities has been carefully written to ensure the five Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning are sensitively explored and practiced

Five aspects of S.E.A.L:

  • Self Awareness
  • Managing Feelings
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills

In addition to the class based material there is a set of whole school starter activities that can be used as a class/phase/whole school based launch for each of the seven themes.

There's more! Twenty pages of photocopiable resources to support some of the activities.

This book is a 'must have' - already described by one member of the National S.E.A.L. team as 'gorgeous and quite moving'.

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