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R time to Stop Bullying

R time to Stop Bullying

The aim of the book is to support schools in developing a whole school approach to anti-bullying.

For some children the transfer from Primary to Secondary is seamless, creating only excitement and anticipation. But Transition can create all sorts of challenges for schools, pupils, teachers and parents.

Written in consultation with pupils, teachers, youth workers, educational psychologists, parents and transition mentors, this book explores some of the issues that those involved with transition may encounter.

R time to Stop Bullying contains:

  • Clearly defined lesson plans using the R time approach for every year group from Foundation to Year 6. Each lesson lasts no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Ten all-age assemblies with a variety of ideas, games, stories, quizzes and built in Thinking and Quiet reflective times.
  • A song written by children on the theme of anti-bullying.
  • Guidance for an anti-bullying policy. Helpful to all those involved in writing and implementing the policy.
  • A 2 page exemplar anti-bullying policy that can be used by all purchasing schools.
  • Support, additional activities and ideas for everyday use in school to underpin the anti-bullying message.
  • Useful addresses to find out more about anti-bullying initiatives.

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