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Showcase Schools

Schools which have achieved Accreditation may wish to consider becoming a Showcase School which has the following purposes:

  • To enable interested parties to see R time in practice, operating to a good standard or above.
  • To be a model for the expansion of R time into new schools.
  • To be the possible venue for R time training conferences in the area (maximum once a year).

Why should we become an R time Showcase School?

  • Kudos: The school will be recognised as a leading R time school, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The school will receive an appropriate Award and be acknowledged on the R time website page as a Showcase School.
  • There will be development opportunities for staff.
  • The school will be central to the development of R time in its locality.

For further information please download the document “Showcase Schools” from the Downloads Page (Click here).

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