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Support for Schools in the UK

How might you implement R time in your school?

  1. Invite a consultant to come to your school.
  2. Use the R time main manual. The opening chapters contain a step by step guide to implementing R time in your school.
  3. In addition to the manual there is an R time training DVD which shows R time in action in schools.

Different ways a consultant can help

UK's R time consultant is Pete Harvey a retired Headteacher

  • Pete will deliver a Teachers Training day (or half day)
  • Conduct twilight staff meetings.
  • Demonstrate R time to classes throughout the school.
  • Follow up the R time work of staff with supportive, developmental observations followed by feedback.
  • Develop a plan to suit the specific needs of the school.

Pete Harvey 0116 2750874


We aim to provide quality professional support to schools, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

The size and needs of schools vary hugely and so it not easy to define exact costing. However for an average school (8 classes) inviting me for a staff presentation and for demonstration sessions with each class, the cost would be in the region of £400 (this includes travel up to 200 miles round trip).

In addition there would be the cost of any resources purchased by the school.

Pete Harvey.


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