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How might you implement R time in your school?

  1. Use the R time main manual. The opening chapters contain a step by step guide to implementing R time in your school.
  2. In addition to the manual there is an R time training DVD which shows R time in action in schools.
  3. Invite a consultant to come to your school.

Different ways a consultant can help

R time has two consultants Pete Harvey and Greg Sampson.

The consultants deliver a teacher day or half day.

The consultants conduct a twilight staff meeting.

The consultants demonstrate the programme to all or some classes in your school followed by a staff meeting.

Lesson observations can be carried out by the consultant once the programme has been operating for a period of time (usually six to eight weeks) to give feedback to the staff.

Other models, tailor made to suit your school, can be discussed with either consultant whose contact details are listed below.

Pete Harvey 0116 2750874

Greg Sampson 02476 659393



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