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The R time Training DVD with Training Notes

R time Training DVD with notes

This has been developed as a training resource and shows R time being taught by Greg Sampson, Pete Harvey and Angela Driscoll in classroom situations in 3 schools across the age range from Nursery to Year 6.

The DVD, with the accompanying notes, will demonstrate the R time process, guide schools through the various components of the R time programme and enable the user to feel confident in delivering the programme.


The DVD has 10 sections:

  1. Greg Sampson’s Introduction
  2. Step 1 – Rule and Instruction
  3. Step 2 – Random Pairing
  4. Step 3 – Meeting and Greeting
  5. Step 4 – The Activity
  6. Step 5 – The Plenary/Feedback
  7. Step 6 – The Concluding Thank You
  8. An R time session from start to finish
  9. An extension of the R time session
  10. Pete Harvey’s Conclusion

R time Training DVD with notes

In the making of this DVD there was no script and nothing was staged for the cameras. Children were not 'handpicked' but all the schools used had been involved in R time for at least 2 terms.

You can view excerpts from the DVD by clicking the buttons below:

Rule and Instruction

Random Pairing

Meeting and Greeting

The Activity

The Plenary/Feedback


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