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T time for Transition from Primary to Secondary

Making the Most of R time

The T time Manual uses the R time approach to explore issues to do with transition from primary to secondary school.

For some children the transfer from Primary to Secondary is seamless, creating only excitement and anticipation. But Transition can create all sorts of challenges for schools, pupils, teachers and parents.

Written in consultation with pupils, teachers, youth workers, educational psychologists, parents and transition mentors, this book explores some of the issues that those involved with transition may encounter.

The T time book contains:

  • 24 activities for use during the final term at Primary School
  • 24 activities for use either side of the transition time
  • 24 activities for use throughout the first 3 terms of Key Stage 3
  • Examples of the topics addressed range from "Meeting New People" to issues such as “Rival Primary Schools ", "Sibling Reputation" and "Carrying Resources"
  • There is the facility to extend the sessions, from the usual 15 minutes of an R time session, to 30 minutes, with extension ideas that provide the opportunity to explore each of the themes in more detail.

All the lessons are explained in easy to follow lesson plans.

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