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Wrist Bands

Wrist Bands

These silicone wrist bands support the three diamond rules used in both R time and Better Behaved:

  • Show Respect and Good Manners at All Times – WB1
  • Care for Everyone and Everything. – WB2
  • Follow Instructions with Thought and Care. – WB3

The wrist bands can be worn with pride as children achieve and demonstrate the required expectations of behaviour.  They can be awarded for both school and lunchtime behaviours.  In addition to acknowledging exemplary behaviour in school they will serve as a tangible reward that parents can celebrate as their children wear them home.  In this way the children are carrying the positive behaviour messages to home and community.  They stimulate conversation, create an incentive and underline the use of these rules 24-7.  They are proving popular as schools find their own ways of using them.

There are 4 wristbands.  The first three carry the individual diamond rules while the fourth, multi-coloured band, carries all three. – WB4

  • Special Sale Price £0.10p each while stocks last.

Postage will be added at cost.

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