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What's Happening in the USA?

Having trained staff in the USA and creating specific materials for the U.S. market, R time is now being rolled out in North America

More Breaking News!

The R time Main Manual has been revised for 2016. We have amended the title to “R time for Better Relationships” to more clearly describe what R time is about – Better Relationships! This revised Main Manual is available in standard format as before but we have introduced a new smaller format, saving 40% on the cost of the standard size version. Click here for details or here for the Order Form

A new partner in the USA

R time Ltd is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Rainbow Days Inc., an American organization, and their training division the Trans4M Centre to help spread the R time program across the United States. The Trans4M Centre is known for transforming schools, organizations, and communities through innovation, education and training.

Rainbow Days Inc. will be responsible for implementing the R time program in the USA and will provide front of office functionality and training staff to ensure that R time is available to an ever growing customer base of schools.

We are also investigating the possibility of introducing the Trans4M Centre Curriculum Based Support Groups program in the UK. We will publish further information as plans develop.

You can take a look at the Rainbow Days Inc. and Trans4M websites by clicking below:

We are so excited about this new partnership.

For training in the U.S. please contact either: Sandi McFarland at or Jill Darling at

R time’s partnership with M&S Graphic Arts

Our partnership with M&S Graphic Arts – a Texas based printing and distribution company, enables schools in the access the R time resources quickly and much more cost effectively.

American Publications

We now have four R time publications especially for the American market – a revised Main Manual in standard size and a smaller format, plus R time to Stop Bullying and Making the Most of R time.

R time in Texas

R time has been working very closely with the Region 10 Education Service Center and the Richardson Independent School District (RISD) to bring R time to America. In 2009 three pilot schools were established by Jill Darling, Student Assistance Programs Director at RISD, with amazing results. Due to the success of R time in these schools, schools all across the Dallas/Fort Worth area and other parts of Texas have become R time schools. Currently over 200 campuses have been trained to use R time. The results at some of the schools using R time have been double digit reductions in bullying and other behavioral office referrals. Greg Sampson and Pete Harvey have continued to return to America annually to train more and more campuses. In fact one of the conference participants even went as far as saying that she could see how the program would ultimately make a contribution to World Peace!!!

  • Three additional Trainers (Nikki Giant, Donna Clark Love, and Krystal Freeman) have joined Jill Darling and now work alongside her to deliver more training.

For details of everything that’s happening in Texas contact:

Jill Darling: +1 972 741-5285

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