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Evaluation of R time work undertaken in four elementary schools for Derby City in the U.K.

The work was sponsored and supported by Derby City Education Authority through a program entitled “Targeted Mental Health in Schools” (TaMHS). The primary program, R time, was used in this work.

The project involved initial input by Pete Harvey, Senior R time Consultant, followed by 3 month’s work by classroom teachers.

The evaluation was undertaken entirely independently by Arwen Green who heads the TaMHS team.

A summary of the main findings are as follows:

  • 81% of children in 3 schools show a more positive attitude as a result of R time.
  • Teachers reported 50% fewer arguments for them to sort out.
  • 79% of children show greater respect towards each other, with 21% showing the same level of respect.
  • 86% of children demonstrate good manners more frequently now.
  • 60% of children who have been exposed to the principles of R time and frequently use each other’s names in lessons when compared with those who have not followed an R time program.
  • 64% use eye contact and appropriate body language when talking to each other.
  • 52% of children frequently and openly encourage each other by name.
  • 76% of children are comfortable working in random pairs rather than choosing who they wish to work with.
  • 62% of children are more comfortable working in groups where sharing is expected.
  • 60% of children are now more confident to contribute to a class discussion.
  • 48% of children behave better as a result of R time.
  • 62% less children are left out of friendship groups as a result of R time.

Summary of pupil’s feedback

  • "R time is about caring for each other, always trying our best, using good manners and enjoying learning."
  • "R time is when you work with someone you don't choose, and show them respect and good manners. You use their name and get along with each other and are kind."
  • "R time is about having fun, not who is your partner."
  • "I thought working with girls would be silly but after regularly doing it, it was fun!"
  • "R time brings out the best in you."
  • "All the skills we learn in R time are for everyday life."

Summary of Teacher’s feedback

  • "The children are more confidant and more able to discuss issues and disputes calmly."
  • "Using good manners has become instinctive."
  • "R time always makes me feel like a huge "bringing the class together" session."
  • "It's a pool of calm in a busy day."
  • "I can refer to the R time rules and expectations at any time of the day. R time supports my behavior management."
  • "Children have much more respect for each other and are calmer."


For more information about the evaluation please contact Arwen Green.

For more information about the TaMHS program in Derby contact Jacqui Webb

For more information about using R time in your school contact Jill Darling in the US. Email: - Telephone: +1 972 741-5285

The full report is available to download as a pdf file. The report is published with permission of Derby City Local Authority and the Staff of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) project.

To download a pdf copy of R time evaluation 2014 click here.