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R time to Stop Bullying - North American Edition

R time to Stop Bullying

R time has been very well received by many North American schools. Principals, Teachers and counselors have been asking for more material; for more R time activities. Recognizing the value of the program as an anti-bullying strategy, R time to Stop Bullying has been written. This has been done in partnership with Jill Darling, the Student Assistance Programs Director in Richardson Independent School District. It gives staff a whole school approach in helping to address the issue of bullying in the elementary school.

The book contains:

  • Lessons for each year group from Pre-School to 6th Grade.
  • Support and additional activities revolving around the theme of anti-bullying.
  • Ongoing Activities which have been devised to enable the school/ class to focus on anti-bullying ideas regularly, in an ongoing way.
  • Guidance in developing an anti-bullying policy and bullying prevention action plan.
  • Extension ideas to further underline the anti-bullying message.

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Sample Activity from R time to Stop Bullying North American Edition:


Talking activity




I like working with different children like you …(insert partner’s name).
Icebreaker: The thing I would miss most if I was on a desert island would be …………


Think of the word bully.
With your partner try and think of a few words that could finish off this sentence: ‘A bully is someone who……….’
The children will find this quite difficult unless the school has already clearly defined ‘a bully’.
A helpful definition is: ‘A bully is someone who does unkind things to another person several times on purpose’.


What are some of the unkind things a bully might do to others?


I’m glad you were really kind to me today …(insert partner’s name).

Extension activity: Bystander
With your partner draw a scene on a piece of paper.
You will need four people (stick people will do) in your scene and they are all involved in a bullying situation. Share the task between you.
One is the bully, one is the victim, and another is a bystander.
Label them all in some way and think about what each one would be saying. You could make some speech bubbles for each one.
It will be fairly easy to think of what the victim and the bully will say but what will / should the bystander be saying or doing?

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