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How might you bring R time to your school?

  • Contact Jill Darling at / 972 741-5285 to discuss training options for your campus.
  • Buy a copy of “Making the Most of R time” to learn more about R time.
  • Send representatives (R time Champions) from your school to observe an R time session at an R time school to learn more about the program.
  • Speak to the principal of an R time school to learn more about the benefits of implementing Rtime.  Contact Jill Darling for principal contact information.


Trainer / Consultant involvement

The amount of involvement that will be possible will depend on the availability of Trainer/ Consultants in your area.

  1. The trainer/ consultant could offer one-to-one support (in person, by phone, or by email) to a designated member of staff who becomes the R time Champion for the school,
  2.  Consultant visits the school for initial discussion with designated member of senior staff.
  3. A trainer could come in to your school to conduct an evening staff meeting (one hour).
  4. You could ask the trainer/consultant to demonstrate the program in your school, followed by a staff meeting.
  5. You could invite the trainer back to conduct lesson observations once the program has been operating for a period of time (usually six to eight weeks).

Contact in the USA

Jill Darling: +1 972 741-5285

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