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How R time supports the OFSTED Framework - 2013

Whenever R time is 'viewed' by OFSTED, the programme receives very positive comments.
OFSTED looks at a variety of key outcomes when inspecting a school:

  • Pupil Achievement
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Behaviour & Safety of Pupils
  • Leaderships & Management
  • Overall Effectiveness of the School

A group of professional educationalists, with OFSTED experience, has worked through these key outcomes, mapping them against the R time programme. Their conclusion was that R time material will support schools in meeting these OFSTED standards. A table outlining the results of their work is available in the Download section of this web site.

The following quotes from OFSTED reports praise the impact of R time on two of these key outcomes:

a) Pupil achievement:
'R time, through its flexible and enjoyable programme of inclusive, achievable activities, is able to support achievement through improved attendance, participation in class and readiness to learn'.

b) Pupil behaviour and safety:
'R time encourages positive attitudes to learning, promotes good manners, respect and co-operation as well as supporting and building strong relationships.

Praises indeed!

This quote about a Leicestershire school, inspected in April 2013, shows how impressed the OFSTED inspector was with what he saw and heard:

'Pupils of all ages work and play extremely well together, especially in mathematics where they discuss what they have to do very sensibly and help each other over any difficulties. During lessons and assemblies, pupils are fully involved in their learning.

The imaginative planning of 'R Time' personal and social education lessons is very effective in developing pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills and understanding. They show a high level of empathy and sensitivity to one another during these sessions. Consequently, pupils' self-esteem is high and they establish effective and respectful relationships with their classmates and with adults.'

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